Wine Festivals that Amrita Poured at. Getting our name out there.

California Pinot Noir

WOW, Amrita Cellars is having a great month we are getting our name out there. We POURED wine up in Sonoma at Garagiste Wine Festival—Garagiste is a small production wine festival where you meet the winemaker, who is there to answer all the technical/production questions. We were there to be Lanna White… lol and show off our Pinot Noirs. We met so many amazing people, and better yet, they loved our Pinot Noir. We were there to pour and see if the wine was gulpable, and it was. We would prefer you not gulp it, but it’s only an ounce. We want you to enjoy a glass and “Create Your Moment.”

We then came south from Sonoma to Orange County, all in a week. We were out in the back canyon in the beautiful setting of Giracci Vineyards and Farms. Our table was set up under a majestic oak tree. What could be better? We POURED for the first time in Orange County for OC Wine & Spirit Fest. We want to get our name (Amrita Cellars) out there so we are working all over California. This is not the only Orange County Event, though—We are so excited; we will be at the OCFair. Come check us out. 

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