Amrita Cellars - A Story In Every Bottle...

Welcome to Amrita Cellars. We are your small boutique winery, yet mighty with 40 years of experience. We have created our wines out of the love for food, friends, family, and you.

We started production with three barrels and 75 cases. Since the beginning, we have remained small with limited batches. We collaborate with family growers and ultimately brings you simple, classic and timeless wines. We explore parts of California to find the varietals, climate, and soil for your wines. Our growers have been using renewable and sustainable farming practices for multiple generations to ensure viability. We partner with family-owned wine growers to bring you elegant wines. It takes a team to build a boutique winery. Each person brings their own talents and the love for wine. We are real people just like you. We have good days and bad. We want you to know us. Because this is your winey.

The beginning and now...

“Sunny,” our Winemaker created Amrita Cellars with an elegant and timeless Pinot Noir, producing three barrels or 75 cases. That’s called a Micro Winery. Since that beginning, he has stayed with small batches keeping the art of winemaking highly specialized and handcrafted. Amrita prides itself on finding vineyards off the beaten path and sourcing grapes with family-owned wine growers that use the best practices in renewable and sustainable farming. Sunny finds that unique grape and terroir so that Amrita can bring you something memorable, classic, simple, and timeless.

Gaining Momentum...

Still creating those moments, Sunny knew it was time to find key partners to join Amrita Cellars, so in 2020 and 2021, Karin and Jan joined the team. Karin heads up Business Development, and Jan is the Social Media and Marketing Steward. Both are well-versed in wine and add their experience, expertise, and passion to Amrita Cellars, making it a Minority/Woman-Owned and Lead company.

Moving Forward...

Amrita Cellars enjoy(s) being a small-batch, high-quality boutique winery. We want to bring you a Masterpiece in every bottle and a story. All we ask is that you spend the time to really “Create Your Moment,” big or small—take the time to enjoy. We will continue to share our stories while bringing you more award-winning wines to savor.

We especially love getting to know you, our customer, and even better hearing how Amrita Cellars has been a part of helping you “Create Your Moment.”  Tag us on Facebook or Instagram @amritacellars. So you can share Your Story with us.  

Sunny, Karin, and Jan would like to say a hearty Thank You for welcoming Amrita Cellars into all those Moments You Created! Cheers

Great Friends, Good Food and Amrita Cellars Wines...

Opening a bottle of wine elevates any meal, and sharing this time with friends and loved ones make it even more memorable! Whether appetizers, a barbecue, a simple dinner, or a seven-course extravaganza, Amrita Cellars wines offer options for that perfect bottle to enhance your meal and “Create Your Moment.”

Sunny – Winemaker

I am the first generation to be born and raised in the United States. I come from a hard-working family. Which has shown me what is important to me, dedication to: family, work, and integrity. At the age of 6 I stepped into the kitchen making breakfast. I eventually made holiday meals for my family, learning from the best. Today, I still get the same enjoyment out of creating a meal for my family and friends. In my culture we were always around food. Years later, wine was a part of our gatherings. In my twenties, my siblings and I ventured to wine regions within California. These were great times in my life. I was a part of Fresno State’s first vintage and at that time, the only United States University allowed to bottle wine. That time was fun and hard work, pure enjoyment for me. In my free times I helped my friends make wine wherever they were. Also, helped my friends start their restaurants.

With encouragement and support from my friends and family to pursue my passion. Which has brought me to today and the introduction of “Amrita Cellars”. My story is far from over, this is just the beginning.

Karin - Business Development

I was born and raised in Southern California. I am surrounded by a great family and wonderful friends.  After living in many areas of the United States, I relocated to the Central Valley in 1997 and started my current business in Old Town Clovis, CA.  I was fortunate to be indirectly involved in the wine industry for 18 years.  What emerged from that experience was the desire to be a part of a start-up boutique winery in some way.  I have a personal love of wines, and now a wine partner that will allow me to bring a dream into reality.  I truly feel family, friends, food and wine make our lives richer.  Sharing these connected experiences with the ones you care about, talk to, debate with and mostly celebrate all the good, bad and sad time with is what life is all about.  I am glad to be a part of Amrita Cellars, I hope you join me on my new journey.

Jan—Marketing/Social Media

I am the odd one, I do not know the first thing about wine. Yet, I know how to drink and enjoy it and I know what I like…and I like “Amrita.”

I do know something about marketing. I graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. From there, I went on the agency side working for Young & Rubicam, at that time one of the top agencies. I worked on accounts like Gallo Wine and many other brands. I then transitioned to in-house marketing for Levitz Furniture, “You’ll Love it at Levitz!” Thank goodness for basic marketing.

I was retired, then along came “Amrita Cellars.” I offered my expertise, which landed me a JOB, Joy—Of—Babbling.

Now I babble on social media to entice you to “Create Your Moment” with us at Amrita Cellars.

Take the time to get to know us…because we want to get to know you.

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