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Wine is part of your food experience…wine is food. They both work together to make the moment much more memorable. Being able to savor each bite of food only to have the wine lift that pleasure (tone) to the next level. Amrita Cellars brings the spirit to any meal with infused essence and provocative acidity. Chefs create on their plated canvases and Amrita Cellars share in their art to elevate your experience. You, the gourmet at home, become an epicurean by sharing your culinary skills with friends and family alongside Amrita Cellars.


Over the years, we have been around so many generational family growers that continue to nurture exceptional grapes. We (including our growers) understand soil-to-bottle approach and being environmental stewards at the same time. Our method is holistic on integrating grape-growing/winemaking in every step. Our growers progressively understand best practices on sustaining nature and preserving agriculture. A balance between the soil and our surroundings (earth/terroir) is cultivated. We want you to taste the essence of the grape in each glass.

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Look familiar... spills

Red wine spills lead to stains. Let us give you 10 tips on how to remove them. The key is to act immediately for the best results. Red wine is essentially a giant bottle of dye. Our guide can give you tips and tricks on getting out red wine stains.