Amrita Cellars— has a story in every bottle… this is where it all begins.

Accumulation of the past...

The story begins with the past; the fruit is delicate in nature, a blank canvas, their circumstances. They endure and collect what happened in the past months from hibernation to harvest; what emerges is a unique fruit. That is why each grapevine is vital to you and us. As a boutique winery, we have the time to listen to the grapes. Each grapevine remembers growing up on the warm days and dancing on the cool nights. They do talk as to when they are ready for harvest. Every grapevine is handpicked—characterizing the unique flavors acquired from their terroir, which produces a more food-friendly wine.

The wine symbolizes the present…

The grapes take in all memories and bring them to the present. The grapes are handled gently to preserve the earlier days and give you that delicious natural flavor. The wine is aged correctly in barrels to enhance the style of wine desired. This is liquid art. The grapes’ time in the barrel will bring you its story and luscious texture that translates into an elegant and smooth wine. The liquid nectar is blended for a balanced wine with a lovely fruit expression. That is where the artistry comes in and the beauty of being a small-batch winery.

The future comes from the wine...

We desire to introduce you to a wine that will become part of your lifetime of memories. Letting you know its age—youthful/bold, ready-to-indulge, and aged to maturity. Wines have their personality and characteristics, developed from the past. That is where the relationship between the terroir and winemakers' love for the fruit is forged. Inside the barrel emerges a story in every bottle, simply complex, classic, and timeless. With the past, present, and future ingredients comes a wine ready to savor, allowing you to "Create Your Moment."

Welcome to Amrita Cellars.

We are your small boutique winery, yet mighty with 40 years of experience. We have created our wines out of love for food, friends, family, and you. We started production with three barrels and 75 cases. Since the beginning, we have remained small with limited batches. We collaborate with family growers and ultimately bring you simple, classic, and timeless wines. We explore parts of California to find the varietals, climate, and soil for your wines. Our growers have used renewable and sustainable farming practices for multiple generations to ensure viability. We partner with family-owned wine growers to bring you elegant wines.

It takes a team to build a boutique winery.

Each person brings their own talents and a love for wine. We are real people just like you. We have good days and bad. We want you to know us because this is your winery.

Wine Growing

We at Amrita Cellars understand the soil-to-bottle approach and are proud to be environmental stewards. We work with generational family growers who continue to nurture exceptional grapes and who utilize best practices for sustaining nature and preserving agriculture. Our method is holistic in integrating grape-growing/wine making in every step. A balance between the soil and our surroundings is cultivated for each vintage. What does all this mean to you? A beautiful glass of wine, each and every time you open a bottle of Amrita Cellars.

The Nectar of Life
Sunny, Karin, and Jan, The Team at Amrita

Great Friends, Good Food and Amrita Cellars Wines...

Opening a bottle of wine elevates any meal ad sharing this time with friends and loved ones make it even more memorable! Whether it is appetizers, a barbeque, a simple meal, or a seven-course extravaganza—Amrita Cellars wines offers you options for that perfect bottle to enhance your meal and to "Create Your Moment."

It takes a Team to build a Boutique Winery.

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